Youth Group – for Years 7 – 10 Secondary School, meets fortnightly during term time, mostly on a friday night 7.30 – 9.30pm, with occasional forays to Laser Tag, Bounce or the Zoo.

Youth Group is fondly known as YUCY (Youth of the Uniting Church Yay!) and lead by Young Adults from the congregation who are fabulous! All leaders and assistants have Working With Children Checks.

On Sunday mornings during term time there is a Secondary aged group who gather for a program of discussion, chat, interviews and sometimes video making. In term 4 2015 we begin using a resource called Animate which allows a critical awareness of our relationshiop with the Bible and is launched by excellent video resources featuring teachers such as Phyllis Tickle, Nadia Bolz Weber from the Lutheran tradition. see

Note: this is not really our Youth Page, but here you can find “Standing On The Pews”, a great multi-aged project led by young people at Brunswick Uniting.


2 thoughts on “Youth

  1. My daughter Isabella would like to attend youth group. She is in year 8. How does she go about it.


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