Sunday Morning Program

making bibles

making bibles

Term Three saw us and trying out some new curriculum from the Progressive Christian Network. We discovered to our surprise that Spill the Beans the marvellous narrative-based resources produced by the Scottish churches take a summer break through July and August! Who would have thought? Thanks again to leaders and assistants for stepping up to the roster.

I am looking forward to teaching are about our relationship with the Bible. The old English teacher in me cannot wait to make samples of the different kinds of books to try and make tangible for the children that it is an anthology of different writing for different purposes and the last thing we need to do is get caught in arguments about taking it all literally.

Meanwhile with the secondary group Anika Jensen will begin her exciting video and blog project Standing on the Pews. Anika invites us to remember our childhood experience of church and to tell stories about it. You can be sure that these stories do not find us all perfectly well behaved!
Julie Perrin, Children and Youth Co ordinator, Brunswick Uniting Church


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