Just the two lads in the older primary group this sunday in July… but good connections happening   


guide our feet…

All Age Worship November focussed on the prayer of Zechariah that finishes with the words, “and guide our feet into the way of peace.” The children placed flowers into the shoes of the congregation and created a banner which they processed to the front of the worship space.

Next week will feature the Children’s Choir and Shawn has suggested this link makes a good revision point this link

in the desert – walking, heat, hunger

walking on hard ground

walking on hard ground

A couple of weeks ago in SMP Philip lead the children in exploring the desert experience of the Old Testament times. There was action, there were hot winds, there were desert (not dessert!) foods. When the session was finished everyone was smiling, perhaps not because the desert is pleasant, but they had had an action packed time.
Desert foods

Desert foods

a saint is someone who…

photo 2
We celebrated All Saints Day making stained glass windows and remembering the saying, ‘A saint is someone who the light shines through.’ There are also little spy holes here to keep a look out for saints – you never know where they might pop up, happily for us, imperfect humans can show God’s light!
photo 1
In the Children’s Address Carlynne and Julie also talked about making a small shrine or sacred space to remember people we love who have died. Pictured is Julie’s great aunt who lived till she was 99…
photo 3

Enter the Tandem – Ruth and Naomi

This Sunday we combined the Blessing of the Bikes with the story of Ruth and Naomi. Inspired by the Spill the Beans resource to use a Tandem bike to tell Ruth’s beautiful promise – ‘Wherever you go, I will go, your people will be my people and your God, my God.’ Cycling enthusiasts, Tim and Meredith, managed to comply with the request that they dress in ancient Middle Eastern costume and ride their tandem down the aisle. Ian had a few questions for them and they re-joined us for the Blessing of the Bicycles outside after worship.
wayne bikes
Wayne helps the Preps build model bikes
photo 2
Helmet decorations were a feature with the upper primary group
photo 3

Blessing of the Bikes

photo 1-1
Thanks to the young people who painted this banner in All Age Worship. Next week, Oct 18 the Blessing of the Bikes happens after church at 11am.During the children’s address word has it that we may be visited by the biblical figures of Ruth and Naomi appearing on a tandem bike… ‘wherever you go, I will go’ says Ruth, so clearly the OT writers had tandems in mind! BYO bike and helmet, children will decorate helmets during Sunday Morning Program.