Brunswick Uniting Church Children and Youth engages young people in the worshiping and teaching life of our inner suburban congregation in Melbourne, Australia.

We do not interpret the Bible literally, we encourage reading that acknowledges context and thoughtful conversation and questions. We seek to bring faith into dialogue with contemporary issues. We use video-making, music, storytelling, ritual and games in our Sunday Morning Program for children in Primary School and Secondary School.

Our congregation and worship leaders encourage the participation of children and young people of all ages. Children assist in ritual, prayers, music, readings and in Holy Communion. During the school term we have a Sunday Morning Program (in the old days it was called Sunday School). Volunteer Leaders and Assistants (all of whom have Working with Children Checks) prepare activities and set up the spaces for the children and young people to gather. On the first Sunday of the month we have All Age Worship and children stay in the service to share Holy Communion. On these Sundays there are quiet art-making activities inside the church and children of all ages participate. We love being one big diverse multi-aged congregation finding ways to worship and grow in faith together.


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