no wonder it is strange to us…

How do you introduce children to the biblical text in a way that invites them to be in conversation with it and ask questions of it? I don’t know the answer to this, but the short video showing a very homespun intro emphasises it’s otherness as well as hinting towards the sacred stories therein. In the Uniting Church we hold that Jesus is the Word which means that he is both within and beyond the text itself.

Here is a rendition of the short saying we made to remember our learnings.

The word Bible means library
There are 66 books by many writers
The stories were spoken and sung before they were written down.
They were made long ago, in far places and ancient languages
No wonder we find them a little bit strange!
But if we come with curious minds and open hearts
We might find Wisdom and meet Jesus
Who is God’s word to us.

making bibles

making bibles

On Sunday the Primary aged children were immersed in the task of putting together a multi coloured set of pages to reflect some of the different types of writing to be found in the bible. We emphasize that Genesis is a song rather than a science book, the text has a different purpose. And there is poetry in the psalms, laws, letters, dreams and visions, and the good news told of Jesus.